Another Great Day at Quickbooks Connect…Sharing my Takeaways

I hope you enjoyed my photos and takeaways as much as I enjoyed sharing with you.  Please do send feedback if these tips have resonated with you.  Please share in the comments if and how you have implemented them in your firm/business/practice, I hope you can tell from these photos that I have taken “selfie” taking lessons.

Andrea & Ivette
Andrea & Ivette

You can be an inspiration to your accountability coach when you reach your goals.  For me working with an accountability coach makes all the difference in the world.  I was thrilled to visit with Ivette Iizarraga as she manned her vendor booth at QuickBooks Connect.   I was so glad t hear that as she was pushing me I was inspiring her to be her best as well.

Scheduled breaks:  Take advantage of the breaks to speak with the vendor whose software you use or interested in. You never know who is manning the booth: software developers, CFO, customer liaison.  This is your chance to give feedback and really go through your wish list of product enhancements.   Call your office and get their specific requests and have them connect as well.  Make sure to get the contact information for continued assistance.

Business book recommendations from the podiums:

Stephanie Friswell friend and Intuit Tax Council Liaison
Andrea with Stephanie Friswell friend and Intuit Tax Council Liaison

Plan to meet with a group of your peers at the end of the conference to reflect on the best sessions you attended and new software applications that would be beneficial to your clients.   I was invited to attend a planned after-conference breakfast meeting with the Intuit Tax Council.  It was so beneficial for me to be able to attend as an Intuit tax council alum to share  experiences with other professionals who had attended various sessions and met with various vendors.  By doing so I learned about  other software applications that might be good solutions for my clients and heard about sessions that I had not attended.   I will be able to download the materials from those sessions as well as follow up with those other software programs.

One of my first takeaways for this trip is also my last:

At The Airport With Friends Waiting For Our Flights Home
At The Airport With Friends Waiting For Our Flights Home

Sometimes it seems that the best part of the conference is the people you meet along the way.  What better way to spend an hour than with friends.  I “bumped” into Jackie as I exited security, then we spotted Chris as we headed for our respective gates. The three of us met when we joined the Intuit Tax Council 3 years ago.  Thank you Jim and Stephanie for doing such a great job choosing members and thank you members for always sharing ideas. Photo:  Chris James, JD and Jackie Meyer, CPA

It was a another great day, greeting old friends, making new ones and sharing “best practices” during the breaks.

Advisory Pannel Jim & Renee
Advisory Panel Jim & Renee
Mark Wickersham & Sarah Cross
Catching Up with UK Friends Mark Wickersham & Sarah Cross

Kathy & I met at QBConnect at least 5 years ago
Kathy & I met at QBConnect at least 5 years ago



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