Are You Taking Advantage of Technology to Eliminate Administrative Tasks?

I hope you were able to watch the vlog I posted last week. In the video I discuss how we “create time” by eliminating or reducing administrative tasks with the smart use of technology.

My example of an easy win is to implement an automated payroll portal system that eliminates administrative time for the employees and the “boss”.  Implementing just this one administrative task can free up time, eliminate notices and potential penalties.

Here is the link to watch the video and read the post in case you missed it

Are you looking to free up time to spend doing what you love? Of course you are!

Please consider converting to a cloud-based accounting platform with integrated software applications:
Accounting Platform via Cloud Accounting Software: run your business on the go. Plus your accountants can help manage your data in real-time, which means you’ll get better insights.
• Data Import/Export Software: source documents flow in and out of your accounting software to your enhanced reporting software.  This integrated software category is “Document Fetching” and “Expense Management Software”. Basically, it’s another way to save you precious time!
Period End Close Software: allows for standardized and organized automation of the month-end and year-end close processes.  By using this type of software, your business can grow without adding costly administrative staff in the process!
Enhanced Reporting Software: create customized dashboards, this software also gives you the ability to forecast, budget, and/or create a Business Plans
Communication Software via video chat software: share your screen while you discuss business results with your staff and tax and financial advisers
Artificial Intelligence Integration: A.I. uses data-driven algorithms, enabling you to automate your bill pay approval process

It sounds great, but how do I do it?

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, your staff and your business but you are afraid to go it on your own, it’s time to get in touch. We offer a complimentary discovery session or you can book an appointment to just get started.

Follow this link to find out more on our Cloud Conversions & Maintenance page.

Our team is always learning new skills and finding ways to save our clients money in taxes under the new law (the TCJA). It’s all about bringing added value to our clients, and we’ve been doing this for over 25 years.

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