On the Road Again – Pre-Conference Takeaways Started While Waiting to Board…

This week I’m in San Jose for an accounting technology conference and then I’ll be on to Florida and Long Island for specialized industry and tax conferences with my staff members.

Sometimes it seems that the best part of the conference is the people you meet along the way…

  • In the Delta Lounge before boarding
  • On the airplane (photo credits go to my row-mate Howard)
  • On the trip to the hotel via shared car service
  • In the elevator on the way to meet friends for dinner

The conference takeaways started as soon as I got to the airport, here are my ‘along the way’ takeaways:

Working with an accountability coach really makes a difference – my deliverable was a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming seminar.  It was a bit overdue and even though I had planned to complete it on the flight to San Jose, I was still procrastinating, having a great discussion with my “row mate” Howard (photo credits go to Howard).

Reviewing processes and choosing a company “technology champion” can make all the difference in the world. This one was my “giveaway” – even though there are great technology solutions out there, and we accounting professionals can recommend them to our clients, the change is hard for most businesses.  Even when they see and understand the amount of wasted administrative time and the cost savings.  I recommend having a technology champion on-site, one of the client’s staff members who is excited about the change.

Comparing conference goals and strategies can give you ideas for your own experience

It’s all in the attitude: Sharing with people with similar interests and pain points can make the time fly by

Change is hard for most business owners, not just you. You make the decision, you create the plan, you ask for help and commit. During the process you hit highs and lows, feel challenged feel successful, in the end it’s worth it. Most business owners working on changing their business processes are faced with challenges, having an accountability partner and a 90 Day Action Plan can make all the difference in the world

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