“I would like to say that we rarely take the time to compliment friends, neighbors, family or business owners on how much we appreciate their knowledge, skills and kindness, or let them know that we truly value them when they apply their business skills in order to decipher, counsel and utilize their understandings to successfully problem solve.

I was referred to Andrea Parness & Company by a close friend as I sought professional relief in addressing an elder care issue for my mother.

It was obvious by the end of the first phone call with Andrea, that I had reached a professional who was focused, compassionate, knowledgeable and resourceful in dealing with complex elder issues.

Using all her available resources, she enlisted colleagues to assist with addressing an RMD situation that had been innocently created by this particular elder of 91 years of age. With compassion, kindness and wisdom, she was able to resolve all issues with precision.

I cannot say enough how she and her team professionally handled all matters “Thank you” seems small in comparison to the kindness and value that we have received. It was a pleasure doing business with both Andrea and her wonderful team.”

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