Caught on Tape “Why I Love Working with My Clients”…

I was asked to contribute to a feature in a short video montage at Intuit’s QuickbooksConnect conference.  Several accountants spoke about aspects of accounting.

I was happy to answer “what do you love about your clients?” Any guesses as to what I replied?

Here’s the gist:

I love that I’m able to speak with my clients and they understand what I’m saying.

At A. Parness Company CPA we believe in really open communication. Sometimes clients will call with a concern. We are using cloud based software which shows their financial situation in real time so we monitor their “numbers” on a continuous basis.  We’ll jump on a video chat meeting, pull up their cloud based files, share our screen, and together we’ll  take a look at what’s going on in their business. Then, once we’ve been able to put them at ease, we can talk about the important things like family accomplishments, recent vacations and upcoming milestones.

It’s really nice to have an open relationship where we can talk freely. We might have to tell someone “no, you’re wrong and here’s why” or we might get to say “yes, you’re exactly right and let’s agree on what you need to do next…”

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