Your Vision Statement Can Guide You to a Successful Business!

I hope you were able to watch the vlog I posted last week. In the video I discuss the importance of a solid vision statement, one that you and your team create together and believe in.

Here is the link to watch the video and read the post in case you missed it.  I hope it inspires you to take action.

Vision Statement

Have you been working to create a successful business/professional practice where everyone feels vested and understands the goals? A solid Vision Statement will help guide you and your team.

The company’s vision statement is typically a “one liner” which defines the core values and goals for your company. They are typically future based powerful statements meant to inspire. It can be a lofty purpose like Disney’s “make people happy”, Intuit’s “powering prosperity”, Slack’s “where work happens “or Instagram’s “capture and share the world’s moments.”

For your company, management and staff it is the articulation of what you want your company, your staff and yourself to accomplish for your clients/customers/patients.

Picture your business/practice operating with great processes, great employees, with you as a great leader. A solid vision statement will help guide you and your staff as you follow your business plan to success.

The vision statement should motivate your team to make a difference and be part of something bigger than themselves. A good vision statement helps inspire people and guide decisions.

“While a mission statement focuses on the purpose of the brand, the vision statement looks to the fulfillment of that purpose,”

Your vision statement won’t do any good if no one knows what it is. I recommend working on your vision statement with a group of your staff from different areas of the company. Then make sure you ask for and receive feedback on it from the rest of the staff. Following this helps with the buy-in and alignment process.

Remember this is just one step along the way to formalizing your business plan.  Check out these great resources we have recently added to our website: vision plan template

business plan template  

You may also want to perform a “Business Health Check” to help you focus on the process.

Does this seem overwhelming?

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